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Accepting that you have an issue

Is step one in overcoming your digital problems.


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Don’t be socially awkward

Posted on Oct 30 by

There is a restaurant in town that I tried to work with. I kept noticing they had horrible facebook posts. Really really bad. Things like “this place is bumping, come see...


A roadmap to design success

Posted on Oct 30 by

The debate between usability and design can at times pin designers and developers on either side of the fence. Most designers appreciate aesthetics and visual balance, while...


Social Media for Business

Posted on Oct 16 by

With nearly every business these days having a social media presence, it’s important to look at a few components of a successful social media for business. I’ll go...


Klout: A world of numbers that mean nothing.

Posted on Oct 9 by

Klout, as defined by Wikipedia. Klout scrapes social network data and creates profiles on individuals and assigns them a “Klout score.” Klout has claimed to have built...


Get more out of Google.

Posted on Sep 8 by

Really useful tips for how to increase your efficiency when using google. Look through this, you’ll be surprised how many tricks you...