As you probably know, the internet is a vast wasteland of content. Some places have great stuff, others have terrible information. That’s why google, yahoo, bing, and the rest of the search engines play such an important role in filtering through everything. This post stands to examine why the “big 3” do just this.

Google is like a stock broker. You trust that what google gives you is going to be relevant to what you’ve asked to see. If it’s not, you’re not going to buy stocks or search “cat photos” on google.

How does google do this? 

Google has spent tons of time refining how humans think. Try typing in “what goes on a hot dog?” Now, google gets this. But go back a few years, and it would have tossed in a few dog responses relating to your dog. So how does google do this? Context Based Results. Google is able to look at the other terms in the search.

Try this search for example. “My hot dog is over heated” Google understands what you’re looking for even though you’re looking for the same thing. Pretty remarkable.

So how do you use this? For starters, when writing keyword rich content, think about terms that might be similar to a product or service you have. If you think you’re coming close to the “hot dog zone” then you might want to think about other terms that might give contextual clues to google.

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