Marketing Automation is the big buzzword of 2018. But how does a small business leverage automation to actually benefit from the available tools in today’s marketing world? This post is a guide to help you understand what’s out there, and what to to look out for.

Marketing Automation

For starters, to automate your marketing process, you’ll want to use an automation software that fits your needs. Hubspot is a great tool that’s relatively easy to use. It acts as a CRM in some cases that let’s your organize your prospects. This allows you to enter a prospect into different funnels based on where they found you. Then understand what they were looking for. Then finally, organize them based on that knowledge.

Think of this process as your salesperson in your store. If someone comes in looking for a specific product, your salesperson will engage the person that walked into your store. Engage them with similar products based on their interests. If they wanted to purchase a cooler, the salesperson would talk about cooler related issues. They’d have stories around how long the cooler can hold ice, or how much the cooler can hold, or how rugged they are. They wouldn’t just talk about your store and randomly promote other products not related those products. This is what marketing automation can help you do. It’s your virtual sales person who will engage your store visitors in a way that feels natural and caters to their interests.

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation takes what we know about your site visitors, and customizes a series of conversations, whether that’s through Email, Social Media, SMS, or Digital Ads and tailors conversations to that person. Based on where your visitors is in their buying funnel, you can deliver unique / tailored content to them to either warm them up to get them ready to purchase, or you can employ tactics that will activate them more easily. This is the key to marketing automation, it customizes the process based on how ready they are to purchase. Understanding the buying funnel is the first step of creating a marketing automation process.

Here is a great video by Kentico that helps explain marketing automation in an easy to understand way.


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