Lead generation is just like dating. In both cases, you’re selling something, you’re trying to show your prospect why your product is worth trying out, and explaining why your product stands out from the competition. Understanding this theory, you can see how driving a prospect to purchase too soon might cause hesitation from the prospect.

Imagine, for a moment, you’re on a blind date.

The person you’re going to meet doesn’t know who you are, or at least very little. You get out of your car and walk to the front door and nervously knock. The door opens and you lay a big fat wet kiss right on their lips as they open the door. You’re probably gonna get slapped. Unless, of course, your product is amazing. But chances are, you’re probably not going to get the response you’re looking for if you go in for a kiss too soon.

So how does this relate to lead generation? Well, you’re doing the exact same thing. You’re getting in front of a prospect with why you’re different, how you stand out, and you’re trying to get that prospect to purchase something. If you go in for the conversion too soon, you won’t have built the trust and confidence that you’re the right choice for their business.

Instead, you’ll want to take your date out to dinner, understand their needs for a partner and prove why you meet those needs, and then, after you’ve proven yourself worthy, you can go for the kiss.

So treat your landing pages and website like a first date.

Show off what you offer to your clients in a way that’s easy to read and understand, show them the value you bring to the relationship and explain what will make your relationship great! Then, present them with the conversion.

I see all too often marketing people going in for the conversion right out of the gate. They simply put a headline with a form and don’t understand why people aren’t signing up. Take time to put worthwhile content together around how you can help them, show off your product or service with testimonials from previous clients (totally different from dating here!). You’ll see higher conversion rates and you’ll also see your sales cycle is shortened because you’ll do less explaining to customers who are on the fence.



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