Modern Garden

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Modern Garden

Modern garden is a project that has yet to see the light of day. This was a passion project that was started about 10 years ago. Ahead of it’s time, it was concieved at a point in time that preceeded a lot of the technology that was needed to make it a viable product to put into the market.

The idea is simple, the “stuff” required to be a home gamer in the gardening world has a high barrier for entry. Aside from the required tools and space, the knowledge of when to plant, when to watter, and how to plant is a bit more than the average person. The concept of the modern garden was to do away with much of that knowledge and augmenting it with technology. When you plant your seed, you scan it into the app. Basedon the GPS location of where the scan was recieved, real time weather API’s would alert you when to water, when your crops are ready for harvesting, and plant more. 

As it stands, this is a great example of what we can do vs what we’ve done. Should someone come along and decide to rip it off, first off, pretty jerk move. Secondly, please send us a few so we can enjoy what we came up with!