Rodolfo Padilla

Guerrero Landscaping

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“What’s great about Man Over Machine is that we didn’t have to do anything. They made all the right decisions on our behalf.”

Rodolfo Padilla

Owner / Guerrero Landscaping 

Guerrero Landscaping

People are what make this company. It’s our relationships with our clients that keep us going. I met Rodolfo on a rainy day when he was working. Even though he doesn’t speak english all that well, and none of us speak spanish, we could tell that he was a man that did what he said he would do. In the middle of a terrential downpour, he was out picking up stick and cleaning up someones yard. 

We approached Rodolfo with the idea to give him something that he would never do on his own. We gave them a brand, collaterol, a website, and everything they needed to make their business they’ve worked so hard for look professional.

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