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City Notes Media

It’s not everyday that you get a phone call from a high school friend who has an idea for a magazine. This was the case for City Notes Media. The ideas was simple, we would create a magazine and send it out to the Short Term Rental properties in Nashville. Come to find out, there are over 6,000 properties and many of these property owners wanted multiples.

We managed to find a print house that could deliver the magazines at a price that worked and we were off to the races. We worked with some great writers in Nashville, went out and did photoshoots, laid out ads, and built some great relationships with advertisers.

This was a project that we lived for about 9 months. I wouldn’t call it fun, but Stefan Sagmeister has a great quote about graphic design. “A project isn’t done until you hate it.” I wouldn’t say I hated it, but I can sure say it’s done! 😉