Lodge Squad, LLC.

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Working with Man Over Machine was, by all means, a great decision. Their creativity, coupled with their ability to deliver on technology is second to none.

Chad GiBson

Lodge Squad, LLC

Lodge Squad, LLC.

Lodge Squad was started to fill the need for short term property owners who didn’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning and managing their short term rental. We developed the brand to be clean, dependable, and professional. All the ideals you would want to see in the person that would be managing your home.

This project allowed us to flex our data muscles by creating an automation tool that connected the cities Short Term Rental data and connected it with tax data available to the public. By combining these datasets, we were able to create a map that showed short term rental property revenue with a link to the AirBNB or VRBO link, giving the ability to easily find a listings page, and giving the rental owners information. Not gonna lie, it was pretty badass!