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There were a few times in this project where I felt like I was just showing off. It’s absurdly cool and I’m proud of the finished product. Take a look for youself.

Mike Freeman

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Culinary Nuggets

After developing NuggetsToKnow, I quickly realized that I was venturing into a niche that, while intriguing, wasn’t attracting the audience engagement I had envisioned. The content creation process was straightforward, but the reader response fell short of my expectations. It was during this phase that I stumbled upon a fascinating discovery: AI’s remarkable capability in generating stunning food images. Diving into this newfound potential, I spent days experimenting with prompts, eventually training an AI to instruct another AI in creating these images. This AI was fine-tuned with classic food photography techniques, yielding results that were nothing short of spectacular.

Initially, began with a simple recipe generation process: I would input a dish into a spreadsheet, and an AI would take over to formulate the recipe. However, this method, despite its efficiency, lacked excitement. My fondness for spreadsheets and automation notwithstanding, I yearned for something more innovative. That’s when I decided to take a bold step forward and elevate the entire experience.

I introduced a diverse ensemble of AI chefs, each with their own unique culinary style and personality. From a German pastry chef to a health-focused cook, and a fusion cuisine expert, these AI personas brought distinct flavors and styles to their recipes, adding a dynamic and personalized touch to the site.

Once a recipe is crafted, it’s passed to an AI that generates a Schema for This Schema is crucial, detailing the cooking instructions, necessary ingredients, and everything else required to bring the dish to life. And there’s a cherry on top: I earn a commission for each order placed through my site!

The final step in this culinary journey involves another layer of automation. Each completed recipe, along with its beautiful images and Instacart shopping list, is optimized for social media sharing. Facebook and Pinterest receive tailored content, with the latter featuring added details like cooking time, preparation time, and difficulty level, all branded with my logo. is more than just a recipe site; it’s a testament to the power of AI in revolutionizing the culinary world. Each element, from the diverse AI chefs to the seamless Instacart integration, reflects my commitment to pushing technological boundaries, making cooking an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is convenient.


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