The Rymer Gallery


Gallery Launch


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The Rymer Gallery

When The Rymer Gallery first approached us, they were on the cusp of unveiling their new gallery to the world. With a plethora of exquisite art pieces waiting to grace their walls, they sought a design aesthetic that would complement rather than overshadow. The challenge was clear: create a visual identity that was distinctive yet subtle, one that would let the art shine while still making its own statement.

We delved deep into the nuances of design, understanding the symbiotic relationship between the space and the art it houses. Through numerous brainstorming sessions, iterations, and refinements, we cultivated a look that epitomized contemporary elegance. Our final design was a harmonious blend of clean lines and modern sensibilities, ensuring that while the gallery’s presence was felt, it never outshone the masterpieces it showcased. In a world where louder often seems better, we were proud to craft an identity for The Rymer Gallery that whispered sophistication and let the artwork take center stage.