Fat Bottom Brewing

Nashville Soccer Club Beer Cans

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Working with the crew at Man Over Machine has been an amazing experience. They’ve done a great job at bringing our vision to life, offering constructive feedback from their years of experience, and their attention to detail has made us feel comfortable throughout each project.

Zach Easterwood

Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

Fat Bottom Brewing

Fat Bottom Brewing reached out to us when they were brewing 2 new styles of beer and needed a lot of design work around the new brand. This project was a LOT of fun. We got to flex our 3D design muscles, work in areas we’ve never worked before, and are thrilled with this final product.

Beer Cans
When we first started working on this project, we were on a pretty tight timeline. We burnth the midnight oil to create the designs for the initial cans in time for the NSC launch event. These inital designs were the starting point for the rest of the work we produced throughout the duration of this project.

Floor Display
We created a handful of different approaches for floor displays that would be sent to grocery stores and liquore stores. These displays required a different type of design than we were accustomed to. But we feel like the finished designs were, as our client said “badass!”

Tap Handles
These tap handles were an awesome challenge. Working first in creating multiple sketched concepts, we took these sketches into a series of 3D rendering tools to create the finished product we sent to the manufacturer.

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