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Everyone loves our logo and look.

Ross Buntrock

CEO - Generous


The journey to get to a final product is always the the most important aspect of design. I worked with the team at Generous to host a series of branding workshops. We conducted a in-depth workshop to bring all the decision makers to the table to voice their ideas.

From there, we took those ideas and boiled them down to the core ideology of the business. We complied a great big presentation that took everyone through the teams combined thinking and began working on the visual solutions for the project. (That’s the dark purple graphic above)

The idea was simple, we wanted something that relayed the notion of one object embracing another object, it needed to convey how the key thoughts from the group, and it needed to speak to the goal the company had in place. This project was a lot like sculpting. We’d pick away at parts to find the final solution we were all happy with.